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March Madness is finally here! The experts at PrintableBrackets have your NCAA March Madness tournament bracket for the 2019 NCAA Division I men’s basketball tournament ready and waiting for you to download. If you already know the routine, just skip down to the bottom of the page to download your free template. If you’re not sure how to fill one of these out, read on!

How Teams are Selected?

There are two ways that a team can earn a bid to the NCAA tournament. An automatic bed will be granted to the 32 Division I conferences. They then each award a spot to the team that wins the postseason conference tournament. These teams are then eligible for postseason play and win their conference tournament, they receive a bid to the NCAA tournament. These teams are known as automatic qualifiers.

How to fill out a March Madness bracket

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Official 2019 March Madness Bracket Template

NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament is back and you know what that means, March Madness! Yes, the single-elimination tournament is back and the 68 teams you know and love will be facing off again this year. If you want to be prepared this year then you’re going to need the free Official 2019 March Madness Bracket Template.

This template is a simple PDF file that you can print to track your favorite teams as they make their way to victory. No fancy applications to distract you, just good-old-fashioned pen and paper to write down your teams and the winners of each match. No muss, no fuss. If you’re ready to get in on March Madness 2019, then download the free template today.

Using the Official 2019 March Madness Bracket Template

You can download the free template by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

Next, enter all the college basketball teams that are scheduled to compete according to their division and ranking. Schedules should be available on the NCAA website.

Now that you have the teams ready, go ahead and print the sheet by selecting “File” the “Print” at the top of your screen.

With all the teams entered, all you have to do is sit back and watch each game unfold. As teams get eliminated, you will advance the winning team to the next line of the template.

When you get down to the Final Four, you will be able to list them in the gray section at the top of the page. You can see the dates for the Final Four matches and the National Championship in the spaces given.

The last two teams will be placed at the center of the page with the championship team going in the center space!

When you finish you can hang this on your wall, knowing you’re the ultimate March Madness fan!

2019 NHL Playoffs Template

The free NHL 2019 Playoffs Template gives all the hockey action you need for the season on one simple page. You can use this free template to keep track of the teams in real time and as they play, you will advance them in that familiar style you’re used to, using the bracket system. Unlike most other templates, this document cuts out all the unnecessary features, to get to the heart of the matter, which is the games and scores themselves. If you’re ready to finally start following hockey, the right way, then you need to download this free template today. To learn how to download and use the template, just follow the guide we have provided for you below.

Using the NHL 2019 Playoffs Template

As always, you will need to download the free template file to your computer by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

The next step will be to either print the document and enter the items by hand or enter the team names in electronically.

Now, take the time to see the general layout of the template as well. You will see the sections for the first and second rounds from left to right. This is how you will enter teams as they progress through the rounds, dropping off the losing teams along the way.

Be sure to enter the teams of the eastern and western sides of the world in the right and left halves of the template, as they are the ones who will usually face off first.
As you make your way to the middle of the section, just advance the team that one to the proceeding set of rounds until only two are left.

The champion team will go in the championship cell of the template.

If you want to print the document for your needs, just click the “File” tab above and enter the “print” option.

NFL 54 Playoffs Template

Keeping track of your favorite teams is no easy task; you’re going to need help this year if you don’t want to keep your eye off the TV. The free NFL 54 Playoffs Template can help you track your teams with ease, using the tried and true method of bracket matching to shows who’s playing who. The template also tracks who won the previous game. Many people have used this template to make probable calculations for the Super Bowl winner. How you customize and use this template is completely up to you. You’re the king of football this year. Just follow the instructions below to learn how to download and use the document right now.

Using the NFL 54 Playoffs Template

Downloading the free document is as simple as clicking the link we have provided for you at the bottom of this page.

The free NFL 54 Playoffs Template will then give you a bracketed system in which to enter the teams that will be facing off first this year.

The template itself allows you to enter teams for both the AFC and the NFC and even includes options for wildcards.

When you have entered the teams you need for this template, you will simply continue through the bracket, following the games along the way, and make your way to the championship box, where the winning team will be entered.

If you want to print this document and fill out the information instead, then scroll back to the top of the page and click the “File” tab, and then the “Print” option that will appear.

You can use this free template to follow your favorite teams to victory this year with ease. No more added features that just makes following along much more difficult, this template is simple and straight to the point so you can get back to watching the action!

Download: NFL 54 Playoffs

2019 Badminton Tournament Brackets

One of the most exciting games of the year and now you can follow all the action with the free Badminton Tournament Brackets template. This free document gives you a simple tournament bracket style sheet so you can enter and follow the teams of Badminton until only two players are left in the game. The template itself is easily customizable and you can even change the sheet to match a tournament you want to hold with just you and your friends, the possibilities are endless with the free Badminton Tournament Brackets template at your side. To learn how to download and use this free document, just follow the link at the bottom of this page.

How to Use the 2019 Badminton Tournament Brackets Template

To download your new Badminton Tournament Brackets template, you will find a list of options at the bottom of this page. In one, you will see a bracket-style template. You can just choose the template at the bottom that has the number of players you need for your tournament.

Just follow the link you want to begin the download process.

Next, you can decide if you want to print the sheet and fill in the document how you want or keep everything digital, it’s up to you.

To print the blank sheet, just scroll to the top of the page and click the “File” button above, then select “Print” from the list of options.

Everything else is pretty straightforward. You will enter the names of the teams or people that are competing in the tournament. Those facing off against one another first will have their name entered in adjacent boxes.

When the dust has been cleared and the champion has been named, their name will go in the champion’s box in the bottom corner of the template.

You can keep up with any Badminton Tournament this year by downloading and customizing this template today!

Download: 2019 Badminton Tournament Brackets 64 players

2020 NFL Playoffs Template

The bracket sheet you need if you consider yourself a true fan of football. This free template has everything you need to track the progress of your favorite team as they play their opponents. The simple document takes all the hassle and struggle, out of the sport that would otherwise distract you from what you love, watching the game. You will get a simple PDF document that you will just print out and then enter the information required as you watch through the season. If you’re ready to get started today, just read the guide given below. It really is that easy!

2020 NFL Playoffs Template Instructions

The first step will be to download the free template file to your computer. To download the free template today, just scroll to the bottom of this page and click the link at the bottom of this page.

Now, since the document is a simple PDF template, you will first need to print the sheet. To print your newly downloaded document, click the “File” tab above and then select the “Print” option from the list displayed below.

With your physical copy, you can enter the teams who are to face off in the brackets system as shown.

You are probably familiar with this structure. All you need to do is enter the names of each team next to the team they are to face off against first. As the teams continue to be eliminated through the season, you will progress the winners further and further until the final round.

There really is nothing to this template. You have all the tools you need to track your teams and make sure you’re up-to-date.

This template is the perfect tool for football fans to monitor the progress of the Super Bowl on their own terms, in a way that’s simple and won’t distract you from the game itself.

Download: 2020-nfl-playoffs

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