printable baseball scorecardThere are many reasons to keep a baseball scorecard. It’s a great practice to follow for a game that you are watching, playing in, or just have a rooting interest in.

Technology has advanced so much since the days of Cy Young, Honus Wagner, Mordecai “The Finger” Brown and The Anson brothers. The way that players study the opposition has gone from inside advanced scouts to on demand video. Baseball gloves have gone from the equivalent of a winter mitten to a computer designed piece of leather craftsmanship. The baseball bat has gone from homemade carved bats to pieces of lumber that are made to a player’s specific weight and strength.

History of the Baseball Scorecard

One thing that has not changed since the first days of baseball has been the baseball scorecard. The entry for a single to left and an error on the shortstop are exactly the same. It doesn’t matter if you are looking at a baseball scorecard from 1882 or 2012. You can re-create a baseball game by looking at the baseball scorecard for that game. You can envision how a game played out. Even if that game took place before your great grandfather was old enough to pick up a ball and mitt.

One thing that can keep you entertained for hours is to keep a baseball scorecard for a few major league games, minor league game, college game or even little league game. Go back a year later and see how much of the game you can recall. You would be surprised how much a baseball scorecard can bring back memories of a great baseball watching experience.

It doesn’t matter if you are watching a great major leaguer like Derek Jeter, top minor league prospect like Dylan Bundy, or your nephew. You can always look back at your own little piece of baseball history and you have proof that you were there.