There are dozens of responsibilities that come along with coaching or managing a basketball team. Coaches have to worry about future opponents, game plans and playing time, while managers have to make sure things are in place so that all the team has to worry about is playing. Coaches and team managers can both benefit greatly from the basketball roster template.

With the basketball roster template, you can keep all the critical information about your team in one place. The basketball roster template is available for free courtesy of Simply click on the link located on this page to get the template today!

Using the Basketball Roster Template

The basketball roster template comes in the form of an easy-to-use Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. All portions of the template can be customized to best meet your needs or the needs of the team. The basketball roster template can either be filled in by hand or keyboard on your computer.

The first step in filling out the basketball roster template is to add the team’s name, the year/season and the organization. Next, add the coach’s name, their phone number and email address. In the body of the basketball team roster template, you will add the following:

  • Player’s Jersey Number
  • Player’s Name
  • Birth Date
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Parent’s Name (If Applicable)

Once the aforementioned information has been added to the template, you can add the names of additional staff members, their phone numbers, email addresses, and the position they hold with the team.

Once all the players have been added, the basketball roster template will automatically calculate the number of players on the team at the bottom of the worksheet. The final space is reserved for any personal notes your or a team manager would like the make.

Keep track of your players and their important information with the basketball roster template. Download the basketball roster template absolutely free today!

Download: Basketball Roster Template