If you have ever played on a sports team, you likely understand that it can be fun to just try hard and help the team succeed. Whether a team wins or loses, it can be important to make sure everyone feels like they contributed to the game. This is especially important in little league, when you are trying to just encourage young players to enjoy the game itself. So some coaches and parents may want to think about how they can provide an award that recognizes the effort that kids put in, no matter how far their team happened to advance during the season or playoffs. The certificate of participation template can provide just that if you take the time to check it out for yourself.

You can download the certificate of participation template for free by clicking the link located on this page.

Using the Certificate of Participation Template

When you get ready to use this certificate of participation template, download the file and check it out. The document can be downloaded and used for free, which may be appealing to many parents and coaches out there. If you haven’t found the right award template yet, this may be the best you’ll find.

You can customize every aspect of the certificate of participation template. If you would like to change the star logo to a sports picture, you can choose an image from a drop down menu. Think about editing out some of the other fields to make it customized to each player. You can delete out the placeholder text that you see, since it was only put it to guide you customization.

Think about adding this info:

  • Player’s Name
  • Home City and Team Name
  • Coach’s Name (Next to Presented By)
  • Select a Date of Presentation

All of this can be edited for every player that receives this award. You can feel free to edit this document and print off as many awards as you’d like. Coaches could even use the certificate of participation template from year to year if they want to.

Download: Certificate of Participation