college world series bracket printable Each year the CWS determines the NCAA Division I baseball champion, but the College World Series bracket is one that has foiled many sports enthusiasts. This is likely because the College World Series bracket has just eight teams, but two double-elimination brackets. This sets it apart and can make it challenging to predict so here are some key tips.

Pick the Standouts

Always pick a team that has at least a few well-known individual players. Teamwork is always important but when it comes to baseball, but let’s face it, a team needs a few standouts to hit those home runs. Also be careful of teams that seem like they are on fire heading into the playoffs. It is often that these teams actually do not fare too well.

Ignore the College World Series Bracket Advice

Sportscasters are constantly doling out advice about your College World Series bracket, but be careful not to simply follow everything they say. While some of what they say is valid, take it with a grain of salt. This is especially important if you are in a College World Series bracket pool because others will likely listen to all the sportscasters.

College World Series Bracket: Choose an Upset

In terms of your College World Series bracket there are usually very few teams who would truly be an “upset”. However, it is generally clear which teams have a slight advantage over others. Be sure to always choose at least one of these teams filling out your bracket because chances are they will win at least once during the series.

Look at the Statistics

While we all know that statistics are not the most reliable tool on the planet, they are still worth a look when filling out your bracket. Check out teams’ past performances and compare them to past CWS statistics to make the best predictions.

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