If you are looking for a template that can help you better assess the cricket game you are watching, then the cricket scorecard template is perfect for you. This cricket scorecard template is designed to take in all the information that goes along with a cricket game. If you want something to help keep track of the score, or you want to see which players are participating for each team, then this is the template for you. It is also particularly useful for cricket journalists who may be attending a game as part of their job.

Using the Cricket Scorecard

The cricket scorecard template is easy to use. Simply download the file from the link provided, and open it in Microsoft Excel. From there, you may print out copies of the template to use, or edit it on your computer. Depending on the situation, you may need to do both things to perfectly cover a particular cricket game.

You can type up the names of the players who are involved, and print out several copies of the cricket scorecard to hand out before a game. In addition to that, you can use the cricket scorecard to keep track of the match as it progresses. This is a truly versatile cricket scorecard template.

When using the template, it is important to understand its different sections. At the top of the cricket scorecard, there are sections for the match details and match result. The match details section can be filled out before the game begins, with information about who is playing, where the match is taking place, when the match is taking place, the umpires involved, and the timing of the match.

The match result column can be filled out as the game progresses, with information about who wins the toss, the score each team makes, and the number of wides, no balls, and extra runs that contributed to that team’s score.

The rest of this cricket scorecard is dedicated to the 22 players that are taking part, in addition to the six “extra” players in the teams’ squads. The eleven players taking part are listed in the batting order, with the two openers listed first. The extra players are listed below this, with a space available for the coach, team manager, and team doctor. When a player’s name is written, their role and specialty is also filled out. For example, the player can be listed as an opening batsman and spin bowler, or tail end batsman and fast bowler.

Download: Cricket Scorecard