Everyone interested in basketball knows there is nothing quite like March Madness. With each passing day we are closer to March Madness 2013. This event takes place once a year at the end of the basketball season. People who have a favorite team have a special excitement inside as their team makes it all the way and works up the bracket. Then, if the team makes the Final Four, this definitely brings on some more madness from the excited fans.

March Madness 2013 will be a part of the history that started in 1939. However, when it was first created it described the Illinois State High School tournament opposed to the present NCAA tournament. This year March Madness 2013 begins on March 19. It finishes on April 8. When you see the fans yelling and cheering for the team they want to win, you can quickly understand why the month of March brings some madness in the world of basketball.

March Madness 2013: The Big DanceMarch Madness 2013 bracket

Some basketball enthusiasts have waited an entire year for March Madness 2013 to roll around. This is when the fans begin making their predictions. This can be a lot of fun when you make the prediction of which team will win the tournament. Other fans find it exciting to choose the Final Four. Many of these fans also bet on their predictions. The bets are particularly big in casinos offering sporting events betting. However, bets are also made among friends, co-workers and so forth. If you are placing a bet you will definitely want to know more about the odds and lines for March Madness 2013.

You can check a number of internet sites to see the full schedule. This will assure you of not missing any of the important games you want to see. If you have the money and the desire, you might be one of the lucky fans to get close to the action by purchasing tickets to March Madness 2013.

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