The MVP Certificate Template is a very simple template, but it is also one that proves very useful for people who are organizing athletic events. Giving out a Most Valuable Player Award can serve many purposes. These awards can be given out at school intramural competitions, or at events that take place between different schools.

Almost every team sport will have the need for a Most Valuable Player award, with sports such as basketball, baseball, soccer, and football having MVPs. The player who exhibits the most quality during the tournament, especially at important moments, will be the one who wins the MVP award.

Filling Out the MVP Certificate Template

This MVP certificate template is perfect for those who need to print out many copies of the award. It is a simple template, with an area for the school name, MVP Award, Student Name, Sport name, Teacher/Coach name, and the date. The template can be customized in a manner that you see fit.

It might be a good idea to write the school’s full name, and add the school logo somewhere on the MVP certificate template. Adding the school logo will give the award greater authenticity. It is possible to adjust fonts and font colors, depending on what you prefer. Changing font colors is a good way to use the same template for different sports, and to change up the award’s look every year.

Using this MVP certificate template is a very easy process. Simply download the MVP certificate template from the link that is given, and open it in the latest version of Microsoft PowerPoint. The template can be edited as you wish.

The first thing you should do is save a base copy on your PC, which you can go back to every time. When you create the template for a particular event, save it with the event’s name and year. This will allow you to look back at previous templates for ideas, and to ensure you do not copy the same design too often.

Giving out an MVP certificate is a great way to boost the morale and confidence of students. They feel appreciate when their athletic performances are recognized with MVP awards.

Download: MVP Certificate Template