The heat is one and basketball season is finally upon us! The free NBA Schedule 2016-17 Template is the perfect tool to help you follow the game just the way you want. Most templates out there will charge you and fill up the template with features you don’t even need, forcing you to pay more attention to the document than to the game itself. This free template gives you the power to follow the schedule just the way you want to do it, just watch the games and enter the final scores, and then you’ll have everything you need to complete this template. Nothing is made simpler; give this template a try by reading the guide below.

Using the NBA Schedule 2016-17 Template

To get started with this simple basketball template, you’ll first need to download the template file by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking the link we gave given you.
The structure of the NBA Schedule 2016-17 sheet is pretty easy to follow as well.

At the top of the page, you can see the categories and in each column, the information that lines up with that specific category.

For example, under the dates and time columns, you will find the dates and times for every game of the season or order of when they are scheduled to take place. This will make it easy for you to look up when the next game is taking place and watch!

From this setup, you can see that the teams, scores, and venues are the same way as well.

To use the template, starting with the first game as an example, you will simply see that the first match is scheduled for October 25th at 5:00. You would watch the game then and when the match is over; enter the scores at the center of the NBA Schedule 2016-17 sheet next to the team names.

If you want to see where the game is being played, just look at the last column of the template. Following the basketball season has never been easier.

Download: NBA Schedule 2016-17 Template