nfl playoff tree printableIf you follow the NFL, might as well make it easy to keep up with the action by using this NFL playoff tree. Our tree is perfect for office pools and fantasy football. Using this professional football playoff sheet will help you keep track of all the hot action and may even make you an office hero.

Creating an NFL Playoff Tree

You’ll notice a bit of a difference between the NFL playoffs and other sports, so make sure you use this bracket if you are a football fan. In football, there are two conferences, the AFC and the NFC – each with four divisions.

The winning team from each division earns a spot in the playoffs, with two extra spaces reserved for the Wild Card teams. The two teams with the best record get what is known as a bye week, meaning they get some extra rest and do not have to play until the second round. The next two divisions winners take on the Wild Card teams to determine who moves on to the next round of play.

Using the NFL Playoff Tree

This free downloadable NFL playoff tree will help you track the playoff season and ensure you don’t miss a beat when it’s time to start keeping tabs on the postseason action. We’ve made this NFL Playoff tree free and easy to use. Simply download the bracket and you’re instantly ready to follow your favorite team to the end zone!

This form is also perfect for those planning to organize an NFL pool with friends or coworkers. Office pools are a great way to interact with coworkers and even get a friendly wager going for a bit of added motivation. No matter what you plan on doing with your form, our playoff tree will help you make sure you’re getting off on the right foot. Don’t let the postseason pass you buy, download our template for free today!

Download: nfl-playoff-tree