Hockey fans rejoice, the free NHL Schedule 2016-17 Template is here to help you track all the games of the season and keep up with the current standings, all in one template. The free document is more than just a schedule, it shows you when the teams will be playing, where they will be playing, and goes toe-to-toe first. You won’t miss a single game when you download the free NHL Schedule 2016-17 Template this year. If you’re tired of missing games just because they slip your mind the day of, then you need this template on your side. Just follow the guide below and you will learn how to download and use the template!

Using the NHL Schedule 2016-17 Template

You will want to download the NHL Schedule 2016-17 sheet file to your computer first. To do this, quickly click the link we have provided for you at the bottom of this page.
Next, go to the top of your page and look at the general structure of the document.

At the top of the page, you have the flow for the entire template at your command. The matches are listed in descending order from when they occur. The next columns tell you the date and time for each game, as well as the teams that will be playing.

At the dead center of the template, there is a place to enter the final scores of each team when the game is said and done.

When you want to see where a game is being played, scroll over to the last column of this NHL Schedule 2016-17 sheet to see the venue.

It really is that simple. Using the scores you enter at the center of the template, you can calculate the current standings and much more.

Give this template a try by downloading the free file today!

Download: NHL Schedule 2016-17 Template