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You can reward the stars of your team with these printable awards templates. Download printable awards sheets for free here at!

Most Inspirational Player

Every so often a player comes along who inspires a group of athletes to perform at a level higher than the expected. It is not necessarily the player who is the best athlete, or the one who performs the best in the given game or match, but the player who brings out the best in his or her teammates. That player is deserving of a Most Inspirational Player Award.

This award is often thought of as the same as the MVP award, but that is a misconception. The MVP award goes to the player whose individual performance makes the biggest impact, while the Most Inspirational Player Award is designed for players who inspire better performances out of their teammates.

If you want to give out the Most Inspirational Player Award to a person who you have taught or coached, then you will want to use the Most Inspirational Player Award Microsoft template to create the award. Creating the award from the template is a very easy process. Continue reading below to learn more.

Using the Most Inspirational Player Award Template

First, you will download the file from the link provided and open it. Save the original file separately, and that will save you the trouble of having to download it over and over again. Start to create a new template for the specific award you are giving out. Begin by adding the logo of the school, organization or sports team that the award is associated with. Include your name at the bottom, and a space for your signature. Add the date that the award is given out, or the current year.

Type up the student’s name in the middle of the document, and ensure that it is big, bold, and easily visible. Use fonts that add a level of glamor to the award. The last thing you want is for the Most Inspirational Player Award to seem lame and unimaginative.

When you have typed everything up, print out a sample copy of the Most Inspirational Player Award to look at the finished item. If there are any changes you want to make, go ahead and edit the document. Print out the final Most Inspirational Player Award on glossy paper, and get it laminated if you want the award to be extra special.

Download: Most Inspirational Player

Most Improved Player

While almost every athletic event will have place for Most Valuable Player awards, there are many times where the most improved player is forgotten. With this Most Improved Player certificate template, you will be able to give out this award to the player(s) that have shown the most improvement over the past 6 to 12 months.

The Most Improved Player Award can be given out at a school athletic meet, athletic competition between various schools, or within the atmosphere of your own team. Whatever the reasons for giving out the award, the Most Improved Player Certificate is the best template to follow.

Using the Most Improved Player Template

The Most Improved Player Certificate template is designed to be simple and effective. When you edit the document, you will add in the name of the school/organization/sports team that is represented. Ensure that the name of the student receiving the award is in the biggest font, because you want it to stand out above everything else that is written.

Include the sport(s) in question, in addition to the name of the coach or teacher that gives out the award. You may want to include a space for the coach/teacher’s signature, in addition to the logo of the school or sports team that is giving out the award. These touches will make the award a great deal more special. Do not forget to put in the date that the award was given out. The date can be written specifically, or you can just include the year that the award is for.

When you download this file from the link that is given, you will open it in Microsoft PowerPoint. Ensure that you save a copy of the unedited version, which will give you something to go back to every time. From there, you can create new file saves every time you make a new version. For example, if you are having a 2013 Intramural Soccer Tournament, ensure that Most Improved Player certificate is named appropriately. It will help you remember the different Most Improved Player certificate designs you have already used.

Giving out Most Improved Player Awards is a great way to boost the confidence of players who have been working hard to improve their athletic abilities.

Download: Most Improved Player

Team Spirit Award

For the high school or college sports coach who would like to have a fast, easy way to get the Team Spirit Award certificate, Microsoft has a template for it ready to use. The template is available for free on this page and is customizable, easy to use and downloadable right here. By customizable, you can alter the text according to the sport for which the Team Spirit Award certificate is to be presented. You may also add a star to indicate, for instance, that this particular Team Spirit Award certificate is for school use only.

Using the Team Spirit Award Template

The Team Spirit Award certificate template has the words “MOST TEAM SPIRIT” in all-caps sans serif type between two grey lines along the top, with the middle word in orange script, and a final flourish being added to the m. Below is a blank space in which the name of the individual receiving the Team Spirit Award certificate is typed, and below that, in small serif type, are the words “is hereby recognized as the season’s Most Team Spirit for phenomenal participation in.”

Another blank space, where the name of the sport is typed. At the bottom left is a symbol of the sport; at the bottom right are two lines with the words “Presented by” and “on this date” in all-caps serif type, on which are typed the name of the presenter (or presenters) of the award and the date of presentation.

Downloading the Team Spirit Award Template

To download the Team Spirit Award template, simply click on the “Download” link located on this page. Reward the most spirited member of your squad with the Team Spirit Award. Download the Team Spirit Award template for free courtesy of!

Download: Team Spirit Award

Most Improved Award

Whether you coach little league or a school sports team, you may want to show your players that you appreciate their individual contribution. There are many players that may rapidly develop their skills over the course of a season. It is important to highlight their achievements and encourage other players to follow their example. It is often very meaningful for a player to find out that their hard work has really helped their team throughout the course of a season. If you would like to honor their efforts, you may want to take a look at this helpful Most Improved Award template offered here

When you download this Most Improved Award template, you may quickly find that you can change it suit your needs. You may want to think about how you can customize it so that it represents the team or sport that you play. For example, a baseball team may want to include their logo or graphic art related to the game. This can help personalize the award and make people feel like they were really recognized by its presentation. You can download this Most Improved Award template right off of this page for free.

How to Customize The Most Improved Award Template

After you have downloaded the Most Improved Award template, you may be interested in checking out some of the different options you have. It can actually be edited in a number of different ways as well. You can include the players name and a few other details that you might want to add sometime. This can help make it meaningful for the player that is receiving the award.

Be sure to take out some of the placeholder text that is included when you download the document. This is only intended to help direct your attention when you first take a look at the file.

Think about adding this information:

  • Player name
  • Team name
  • Jersey number
  • Position
  • Date the award was given

All of this will combine to make the Most Improved Award template more meaningful to the person that receives it. Since they worked hard to achieve this award, you might want to think about making it memorable for them as well. They may want to keep this award as a memory of playing that year for the team.

Download: Most Improved Award

MVP Award

Celebrating your team’s Most Valuable Player with this MVP Award template is a great way to celebrate your team’s achievements. It will save you time, while still providing a colorful and professional looking document. It is very easy to use, and you can download the template for free from this page.

By using this template, you will save time and be able to celebrate with the team. The MVP Award template is customizable, so it is perfect to use for any team and any sport. You can use the template over again, and you can change the color to match your team’s color.

How to Use the MVP Award Template

  • First, you will want to fill in the template. Add the player’s name who will be receiving the award, the team that they play for, and the date. You can change the colors of the names to match the team name.
  • Second, you will want to print the template from your computer. You can print it on regular paper, or you can make it look more professional by using different paper.
  • Third, sign the template on the presented by line. You may also add your signature before you print out the template or fill in the template by hand.

Tips for Using the MVP Award Template

  • First, you can change the colors on the MVP Award template. Not all teams have the same colors, so you can change the colors to match your team.
  • Second, you can change the picture that is on the MVP award template. You can add a picture of any sport that you would like. You could also remove the picture and have a clean look.
  • Third, you can change the text size on the MVP Award template. If the team member’s name is long, you can reduce the size of the text.

Providing your team’s MVP with an award is easy with this MVP award template. The player will feel great, and they will have an award to remember their accomplishment.

Download: MVP Award

Certificate of Participation

If you have ever played on a sports team, you likely understand that it can be fun to just try hard and help the team succeed. Whether a team wins or loses, it can be important to make sure everyone feels like they contributed to the game. This is especially important in little league, when you are trying to just encourage young players to enjoy the game itself. So some coaches and parents may want to think about how they can provide an award that recognizes the effort that kids put in, no matter how far their team happened to advance during the season or playoffs. The certificate of participation template can provide just that if you take the time to check it out for yourself.

You can download the certificate of participation template for free by clicking the link located on this page.

Using the Certificate of Participation Template

When you get ready to use this certificate of participation template, download the file and check it out. The document can be downloaded and used for free, which may be appealing to many parents and coaches out there. If you haven’t found the right award template yet, this may be the best you’ll find.

You can customize every aspect of the certificate of participation template. If you would like to change the star logo to a sports picture, you can choose an image from a drop down menu. Think about editing out some of the other fields to make it customized to each player. You can delete out the placeholder text that you see, since it was only put it to guide you customization.

Think about adding this info:

  • Player’s Name
  • Home City and Team Name
  • Coach’s Name (Next to Presented By)
  • Select a Date of Presentation

All of this can be edited for every player that receives this award. You can feel free to edit this document and print off as many awards as you’d like. Coaches could even use the certificate of participation template from year to year if they want to.

Download: Certificate of Participation

MVP Certificate

The MVP Certificate Template is a very simple template, but it is also one that proves very useful for people who are organizing athletic events. Giving out a Most Valuable Player Award can serve many purposes. These awards can be given out at school intramural competitions, or at events that take place between different schools.

Almost every team sport will have the need for a Most Valuable Player award, with sports such as basketball, baseball, soccer, and football having MVPs. The player who exhibits the most quality during the tournament, especially at important moments, will be the one who wins the MVP award.

Filling Out the MVP Certificate Template

This MVP certificate template is perfect for those who need to print out many copies of the award. It is a simple template, with an area for the school name, MVP Award, Student Name, Sport name, Teacher/Coach name, and the date. The template can be customized in a manner that you see fit.

It might be a good idea to write the school’s full name, and add the school logo somewhere on the MVP certificate template. Adding the school logo will give the award greater authenticity. It is possible to adjust fonts and font colors, depending on what you prefer. Changing font colors is a good way to use the same template for different sports, and to change up the award’s look every year.

Using this MVP certificate template is a very easy process. Simply download the MVP certificate template from the link that is given, and open it in the latest version of Microsoft PowerPoint. The template can be edited as you wish.

The first thing you should do is save a base copy on your PC, which you can go back to every time. When you create the template for a particular event, save it with the event’s name and year. This will allow you to look back at previous templates for ideas, and to ensure you do not copy the same design too often.

Giving out an MVP certificate is a great way to boost the morale and confidence of students. They feel appreciate when their athletic performances are recognized with MVP awards.

Download: MVP Certificate Template

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