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Are you searching for blank printable tournament brackets? You can get complimentary tournament brackets for any event right here.

2019 NHL Playoffs Template

The free NHL 2019 Playoffs Template gives all the hockey action you need for the season on one simple page. You can use this free template to keep track of the teams in real time and as they play, you will advance them in that familiar style you’re used to, using the bracket system. Unlike most other templates, this document cuts out all the unnecessary features, to get to the heart of the matter, which is the games and scores themselves. If you’re ready to finally start following hockey, the right way, then you need to download this free template today. To learn how to download and use the template, just follow the guide we have provided for you below.

Using the NHL 2019 Playoffs Template

As always, you will need to download the free template file to your computer by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

The next step will be to either print the document and enter the items by hand or enter the team names in electronically.

Now, take the time to see the general layout of the template as well. You will see the sections for the first and second rounds from left to right. This is how you will enter teams as they progress through the rounds, dropping off the losing teams along the way.

Be sure to enter the teams of the eastern and western sides of the world in the right and left halves of the template, as they are the ones who will usually face off first.
As you make your way to the middle of the section, just advance the team that one to the proceeding set of rounds until only two are left.

The champion team will go in the championship cell of the template.

If you want to print the document for your needs, just click the “File” tab above and enter the “print” option.

2019 Badminton Tournament Brackets

One of the most exciting games of the year and now you can follow all the action with the free Badminton Tournament Brackets template. This free document gives you a simple tournament bracket style sheet so you can enter and follow the teams of Badminton until only two players are left in the game. The template itself is easily customizable and you can even change the sheet to match a tournament you want to hold with just you and your friends, the possibilities are endless with the free Badminton Tournament Brackets template at your side. To learn how to download and use this free document, just follow the link at the bottom of this page.

How to Use the 2019 Badminton Tournament Brackets Template

To download your new Badminton Tournament Brackets template, you will find a list of options at the bottom of this page. In one, you will see a bracket-style template. You can just choose the template at the bottom that has the number of players you need for your tournament.

Just follow the link you want to begin the download process.

Next, you can decide if you want to print the sheet and fill in the document how you want or keep everything digital, it’s up to you.

To print the blank sheet, just scroll to the top of the page and click the “File” button above, then select “Print” from the list of options.

Everything else is pretty straightforward. You will enter the names of the teams or people that are competing in the tournament. Those facing off against one another first will have their name entered in adjacent boxes.

When the dust has been cleared and the champion has been named, their name will go in the champion’s box in the bottom corner of the template.

You can keep up with any Badminton Tournament this year by downloading and customizing this template today!

Download: 2019 Badminton Tournament Brackets 64 players

2014 NHL Playoffs

A total of 16 teams will skate in the 2014 NHL playoffs, but only one will raise the Stanley Cup. The 2014 NHL playoffs get underway on Wednesday, April 16th. You can follow all the action with the 2014 NHL playoff bracket. The 2014 NHL playoff bracket is printable and instantly downloadable right here on this page. Simply click on the download link to get your copy of the 2014 NHL playoffs bracket today!

The 2014 NHL Playoffs: Eastern Conference

The defending Eastern Conference champion Boston Bruins enter the 2014 NHL playoffs with the most points of any team during the regular season. Boston, which lost to the Chicago Blackhawks in last year’s Stanley Cup Final, captured the Presidents’ Trophy after collecting 117 points.

The Bruins, who also won the Atlantic Division title, will meet the Detroit Red Wings in the first round of the 2014 NHL playoffs. Detroit is appearing in the Stanley Cup playoffs for the 23rd straight year. The winner will collide with the winner of the series between the Montreal Canadiens and the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Also in the East, the Metropolitan Division champion Pittsburgh Penguins will skate against the Columbus Blue Jackets, while the New York Rangers will renew their rivalry with the Philadelphia Flyers.

The 2014 NHL Playoffs: Western Conference

The defending Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks enter the 2014 NHL playoffs as a three seed after finishing third in the Central Division. Chicago will open defense of its title against the St. Louis Blues.

The Colorado Avalanche comes into the 2014 NHL playoffs as the top seed in the West. Colorado captured the Central Division crown with 112 points. The Avs will open up the playoffs against the Minnesota Wild.

Also out West, the Anaheim Ducks will do battle with the Dallas Stars; while the San Jose Sharks will square off with the Los Angeles Kings in round one of the 2014 NHL playoffs.

Download: 2014 NHL Playoffs

Cricket Scorecard

If you are looking for a template that can help you better assess the cricket game you are watching, then the cricket scorecard template is perfect for you. This cricket scorecard template is designed to take in all the information that goes along with a cricket game. If you want something to help keep track of the score, or you want to see which players are participating for each team, then this is the template for you. It is also particularly useful for cricket journalists who may be attending a game as part of their job.

Using the Cricket Scorecard

The cricket scorecard template is easy to use. Simply download the file from the link provided, and open it in Microsoft Excel. From there, you may print out copies of the template to use, or edit it on your computer. Depending on the situation, you may need to do both things to perfectly cover a particular cricket game.

You can type up the names of the players who are involved, and print out several copies of the cricket scorecard to hand out before a game. In addition to that, you can use the cricket scorecard to keep track of the match as it progresses. This is a truly versatile cricket scorecard template.

When using the template, it is important to understand its different sections. At the top of the cricket scorecard, there are sections for the match details and match result. The match details section can be filled out before the game begins, with information about who is playing, where the match is taking place, when the match is taking place, the umpires involved, and the timing of the match.

The match result column can be filled out as the game progresses, with information about who wins the toss, the score each team makes, and the number of wides, no balls, and extra runs that contributed to that team’s score.

The rest of this cricket scorecard is dedicated to the 22 players that are taking part, in addition to the six “extra” players in the teams’ squads. The eleven players taking part are listed in the batting order, with the two openers listed first. The extra players are listed below this, with a space available for the coach, team manager, and team doctor. When a player’s name is written, their role and specialty is also filled out. For example, the player can be listed as an opening batsman and spin bowler, or tail end batsman and fast bowler.

Download: Cricket Scorecard

Bracket Template

If you’re looking to a way to create a friendly pool amongst your friends or fellow workers, a free printable bracket template could be just what you’re searching for. With a blank bracket template, you are completely in charge of the sport or event, rules, participants and prizes. A bracket template truly can be used for tournaments of any kind!
It is important to note that the information published on this page is for entertainment purposes only.

NCAA Tournament Bracket Template

The word “bracket” is usually synonymous with one thing: the NCAA division one men’s basketball tournament. Every spring, men and women alike get wrapped up in what as known as “March Madness.”

By using a template, you can fill in all the teams on “Selection Sunday,” jot down your picks and select who you believe will be the national champion, and keep track of all your projections and favorite teams.

A free bracket sheet is perfect for participants in an office pool. By using these sheets, you can compete against your friends and co-workers for bragging rights and more. These templates are also ideal for college hoops aficionados and even the casual fan.

Other Uses for a Bracket Template

A template with blank brackets can also be used to track and follow a number of other events, such as:

• NHL Stanley Cup playoffs
• NBA playoffs
• NFL playoffs
• MLB playoffs
• College World Series
• Grand Slam tennis tournaments
• Major golf tournaments
• Major soccer tournaments

But you shouldn’t limit yourself to professional and college sporting events. A blank template can be used for Pop Warner, Little League or youth soccer tournaments. Templates can be posted in the classroom to update the results of student competitions. They can even be used for karaoke or trivia contests in your local watering hole of choice.

Download: bracket-template

Download NCAA bracket: NCAA-playoffs-tournament-bracket

Australian Open Draw

The first of the four “Grand Slam” events held throughout the tennis season is the Australian Open. The 101st edition of the tournament took place in Melbourne in January 2013. Seeds and matchups are determined by the Australian Open draw held shortly before the tournament gets underway.

History of the Australian Open Draw

The Australian Open was first known as the “Australasian Open” and the first event took place at Warehouseman’s Cricket Ground in 1905. The tournament was later called the “Australian Championships” in 1927 before becoming the Australian Open shortly after the start of the Open era in 1969.screenshot of the australian open draw

In the first-ever men’s final, Rodney Heath bounced back from losing the first set and notched a four-set victory over Arthur Curtis. The first women’s singles champion wasn’t crowned until 1922. In the first women’s final, Margaret Molesworth defeated Esna Boyd Robertson, who lost in the first five finals before breaking through in 1927. She lost in the final again, however, the following year.

What is known as the “Open Era” began in 1968. This marked the first time events allowed professional players to compete against amateurs. Before the era began, Australian Roy Emerson collected six singles championships on the men’s side. While on the women’s side, Margaret Court collected seven of her 11 championships before the start of the era.

In the 2013 men’s singles final, Novak Djokovic outlasted Andy Murray to win the Aussie Open for the fourth time in his career. Djokovic captured his third straight Australian championship by notching a 6-7, 7-6, 6-3, 6-2 win. On the women’s side, Victoria Azarenka downed Li Na to win the Aussie for the second straight year.

With his victory, Djokovic tied Andre Agassi and Roger Federer atop the all-time championship list. Djokovic’s three straight titles are also the most by any male in the Open era. Meanwhile, American Serena Williams leads all women with five championships since the start of the era. In 2003, the legendary Martina Navratilova became the oldest player to win a singles title at 46 years and three months.

To date, the 2013 Aussie Open was the highest paying tennis tournament of all time. Djokovic and Azarenka each took home over 2.4-million Australian dollars each for their respective victories. Murray and Na netted 1.2-million Australian dollars apiece.

Download: Australian Open Draw

French Open Draw

Every year, the French Open is the marquee’ clay court tennis event in the world. Arguably the most grueling of the four “Grand Slam” events takes place on the legendary clay courts in Paris. The 2013 French Open draw will take place shortly before the tournament begins on Sunday, May 26th. Weather permitting, the 112th edition of the event will wrap up on Sunday, June 9th.

History of the French Open Draw

The modern-day version of the French Open began as the French Championships in 1891. Only men participated in singles competitions until women’s singles were introduced in 1897. In the first-ever men’s final, H. Briggs defeated P. Baigneres in straight sets, 6-3, 6-4.screenshot of the French Open draw

What is known as the “Open Era” began in 1968. This marked the first time events allowed professional players to compete against amateurs. Since the start of the era, no player has dominated the clay courts more than Spain’s Rafael Nadal. In 2005, Nadal captured the first of his record seven French titles. Nadal also matched Bjorn Borg’s record by winning four straight titles from 2005-08. Borg won four in-a-row from 1978-81.

On the women’s side, American Chris Evert has won an all-time high seven championships. Evert’s first title came in 1974. At 31 years and six months, Evert became the oldest woman to win the title in 1986. Her record still stands entering 2013. Monica Seles and Justine Henin share the record for most consecutive titles won with three. Seles’ run lasted from 1990-92, while Henin’s went from 2005-07.

Seles still also holds the youngest woman to ever win the title at 16 years and six months. At 17 years and three months, American Michael Chang is the youngest man.

The clay courts at Roland Garros have been a great equalizer throughout the years. Several notable players were never able to win the French Open, including John McEnroe, Venus Williams, Boris Becker, Stefan Edberg, Boris Becker, Lindsay Davenport, Martina Hingis and legendary American Pete Sampras.

In 2012, Nadal and women’s champion Maria Sharapova each pocketed just under $1.9-million each for their respective victories. Runners up Novak Djokovic and Sara Errani each earned just under $950,000.

Download: French Open Draw

2020 Wimbledon Draw

The oldest and most well-known tennis tournament in the world is The Championships, Wimbledon. Each year since 1877, the tournament has been played on the legendary grass courts at the All England Club. The 2020 Wimbledon draw will be held shortly before the prestigious event gets underway on June 24th. Weather permitting, the 127th edition of the tournament will wrap up on July 7th.

Wimbledon Draw History

In July ’77, the first Wimbledon Championship took place at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club. The only event that was held was the Gentleman’s Singles competition and the field consisted of 22 players. Spencer Gore defeated William Marshall in straight sets in the first-ever final. Women’s singles was added in 1884. Double’s competitions later followed in 1913.screenshot of the wimbledon draw

Wimbledon has been interrupted twice during its storied history: From 1915-18 for World War I and from 1940-45 for World War II. What is known as the “Open Era” began in 1968. This marked the first time events allowed professional players to compete against amateurs. Australian Rod Laver won the first Open title at Wimbledon that year.

Since the dawn of the Open era, American Pete Sampras and Swiss star Roger Federer have won seven titles apiece. Sampras won from 1993-95 as well as 1997-2000, while Federer captured consecutive crowns from 2003-2007. Federer’s run of five straight titles matches a record set by Bjorn Borg from 1976-80.

On the women’s side, Martina Navratilova has won a record nine championships. Navratilova’s first victory came in 1978. Her last was in 1990. She won a record six in-a-row from 1982-87. In 2012, gentleman’s singles champion Federer and women’s singles champion Serena Williams each pocketed just under $1.8-million for their respective victories. Runners up Andy Murray and Agnieszka Radwańska netted just over $870,000.

In 2010, American John Isner and Frenchman Nicolas Mahut engaged in the longest match in Wimbledon history. The 183-game marathon lasted 11 hours and five minutes over the course of three days. The epic battle, which is also the longest in all of tennis history, was won by Isner, 6-4, 3-6, 6-7, 7-6, 70-68.

Download: 2020 Wimbledon Draw

US Open Draw

The United States Open Tennis Championships is one of the oldest tennis tournaments in existence. The two-week event is held every year during the summer in New York. The 2013 US Open draw will be held before the tournament gets underway on Monday, August 26th. Weather permitting, the US Open will wrap up with the men’s final on Monday, September 9th.

US Open Draw History

The first US Open took place in Newport, Rhode Island in August 1881. The event was known as the “U.S. National Championships” until becoming the US Open in 1968. In addition, the tournament was reserved for men only until 1887 and the first tournaments were played on grass courts.

In the first-ever championship final, Richard Sears defeated William E. Glyn in straight sets, 6-0, 6-3, 6-2. The victory started a run of seven consecutive US National Championship titles for Sears from 1881-87. Sears also won six straight doubles titles with partner James Dwight from 1882-87. In the inaugural women’s final, Ellen Hansell whitewashed Laura Knight, 6-1, 6-0.US Open Draw championship rounds

Records for the tournament are broken down into pre and post Open-era categories. Sears, Bill Larned and Bill Tilden all won seven men’s championships apiece prior to the start of the Open era. Americans Jimmy Connors and Pete Sampras, as well as Swiss start Roger Federer have captured a record five titles each after the era began. Sampras still holds the record for the youngest man to ever with the title at 19 years and one month. Federer won all five of his titles consecutively from 2004-08.

On the women’s side, Molla Bjurstedt Mallory won eight championships before the start of the Open era. American Chris Evert bagged six titles since the start of the era. Evert also won four straight from 1975-78. In 1979, American Tracy Austin became the youngest woman to win the tournament at 16 years and eight months.

In 2012, more than $24,000,000 in prize money was awarded. Andy Murray and Serena Williams, who were the singles winner on their respective sides, received just under $2,000,000. Runners up Novak Djokovic and Victoria Azarenka netted just under $1,000,000.

Download: US Open Draw

Rugby World Cup 2019-2020

The Rugby World Cup pits the best 20 international test teams against one another every four years. The Rugby World Cup 2019 is scheduled to get underway September 18th in England. The championship final will be held at Twickenham Stadium on October 31st. Japan will host the event in 2019.

Rugby World Cup 2019 History

The first Rugby World Cup tournament took place in 1987 and included 16 teams. The 16-team field remained in place until the current 20-team format was installed in 1999. In the inaugural championship final, New Zealand hammered France, 29-9. In the bronze medal game, Wales edged Australia, 22-21.

The William Webb Ellis Cup is handed out to the winner of the tournament. Some claim that Webb Ellis is directly responsible for creating the game. New Zealand, Australia and South Africa have hoisted the Cup two times apiece. England captured the other remaining Cup in 2003. France has reached the final three times only to lose each match.

The United States has had very little success at the Rugby World Cup. The Americans have posted no more than a single victory in all of their six tournament appearances. The U.S. has also been held winless on three occasions. Overall, the U.S. is a woeful 3-18 all-time in the tournament. Two of the Americans’ three all-time wins are over Japan.

New Zealand holds the all-time record for points in a single match with 145. The total came in a 145-16 victory over Japan in 1995. The record for the biggest margin of victory belongs to Australia, which hammered Namibia 142-0 in 2003. In all, there have been 10 shutouts in the history of the tournament. The last was a 66-0 win for Wales over Fiji in 2011. New Zealand’s Grant Fox holds the record for most points in a single tournament with 126 in 1987.

Along with the FIFA World Cup, the Olympic Games, and the Tour de France, the Rugby World Cup is one of the most popular international sporting events in the world. Just over four billion people watched the tournament in 2007. In 2011, just under 1.5-million people attended the 48 matches.

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