Super Bowl Sunday is a time where millions of people gather for parties across America. More than 100-millon people watched the Super Bowl in 2012, but not everyone in attendance is there for the biggest football game of the season. If you’re in search of ways to keep the party going for non-football fans or if the game turns out to be a dud, Super Bowl party games can help get everyone involved.

2020 Super Bowl Party Games: Squares

The most popular of all the Super Bowl party games is the squares contest. This pool doesn’t require 100 different people to participate, but the most popular form of the game utilizes a 100-square grid. Participants will write their name in each one of the boxes until the grid is full. The scores at the end of quarters and at the end of the games will determine the winners.

For example, the final score at the end of Super Bowl XLVI was New York Giants 21, New England Patriots 17. The winner would be the person in the box that has Giants 1, Patriots 7. Typical prizes for winners include Super Bowl shirts, hats, and of course, cash.

Super Bowl Party Games: Prop Pool

A much more involved party game is a Super Bowl prop bets contest. In this contest, participants will fill out a questionnaire. Some of the questions include picking the winner of the game and who will be the game’s Most Valuable Player. Other questions include who will win the coin toss, how many total points will be score, and how much the winning team will win by.

The participant with the most correct answers at the end of the game will be the winner. In the event of a tie, the final score can be used to determine the winner.

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