A Super Bowl squares pool is one of the most popular contests during the day of the big game. However, some people have never heard of the pool, let alone know the Super Bowl squares rules. It is important to note that the following information published on this page is for entertainment purposes only.

2020 Super Bowl Squares Rules

There are a few different variations of a squares pool, but the most common involves a 10-by-10 grid that includes 100 blank boxers. The Super Bowl squares rules for this pool are very simple. The numbers 0-9 will eventually go across the vertical line and horizontal line of the squares sheet. These numbers will be determined later so that no one will have a perceived unfair advantage.

The person in charge of the pool will encourage co-workers, friends and family to join the pool until all the squares are filled up. Once the squares are filled, the participants in the Super Bowl will be added to the two lines of the grid. Determining which team goes where is not an important part of the Super Bowl squares rules.

Next, it’s time to generate the number coordinates. This can be done a number of ways, including by picking numbers out of a hat, using a deck of cards or by randomly selecting them online. The numbers are placed in the corresponding box to complete the grid.

2020 Super Bowl Squares Rules: Winners

Winners are determined using the score at the end of each quarter, half or the full game. Let’s say the NFC team has 14 points and the AFC team has 13 points. If you have the box that has 4 and 3, you win. Who is winning and losing is irrelevant for this pool, only the actual numbers in the score matter.

Typically, smaller prizes are awarded to the winners of quarters and the first half. The biggest prize is usually given to winner at the end of the game.

Download: 2013 Super Bowl Squares