One of the most exciting games of the year and now you can follow all the action with the free Badminton Tournament Brackets template. This free document gives you a simple tournament bracket style sheet so you can enter and follow the teams of Badminton until only two players are left in the game. The template itself is easily customizable and you can even change the sheet to match a tournament you want to hold with just you and your friends, the possibilities are endless with the free Badminton Tournament Brackets template at your side. To learn how to download and use this free document, just follow the link at the bottom of this page.

How to Use the 2019 Badminton Tournament Brackets Template

To download your new Badminton Tournament Brackets template, you will find a list of options at the bottom of this page. In one, you will see a bracket-style template. You can just choose the template at the bottom that has the number of players you need for your tournament.

Just follow the link you want to begin the download process.

Next, you can decide if you want to print the sheet and fill in the document how you want or keep everything digital, it’s up to you.

To print the blank sheet, just scroll to the top of the page and click the “File” button above, then select “Print” from the list of options.

Everything else is pretty straightforward. You will enter the names of the teams or people that are competing in the tournament. Those facing off against one another first will have their name entered in adjacent boxes.

When the dust has been cleared and the champion has been named, their name will go in the champion’s box in the bottom corner of the template.

You can keep up with any Badminton Tournament this year by downloading and customizing this template today!

Download: 2019 Badminton Tournament Brackets 64 players