March Madness is a basketball tournament featuring 68 teams competing for a national title. Many of those teams have very little chance to win a single game, let alone the entire tournament. That is what makes a March Madness bracket contest so popular though. When one of those underdogs gets hot and wins a couple of games, casual fans around the country start rooting for them. Another part of March Madness bracket appeal that draws casual fans to the sport of basketball are the March Madness brackets. These are contests where fans compete to pick the winners of at least 55 games. Those that pick the most correctly frequently win prizes or money.

Participating in a March Madness Bracket Pool

Who wins these brackets may surprise you. It is not always the basketball experts among the group of competitors. There are many that have been won by people that haven’t watched a single college basketball game all season.

This is another reason why a March Madness bracket pool is so popular.  The chance for anyone to win these competitions, frequently for a low price, brings even the casual gambler to enter a March Madness bracket pool.

How a March Madness bracket competition typically works is that predicting the first round games correctly are each worth one point. The points for each correct prediction increases throughout the March Madness bracket tournament up to picking the champion.

The competitor scoring the most points wins the bracket tournament contest. Frequently there are awards for second and third place too.

If you have a chance to enter one of these tournaments, take your time to do a little research. Watch the shows with the predictions from the experts. Don’t be afraid to pick a few upsets though, it’s rare anyone every wins these brackets without a few lucky picks along the way.