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The playoff NBA brackets include the 16 teams that survived the regular season and advanced to the regular season. Get complimentary NBA brackets right here.

2013 NBA Playoffs

Sixteen teams will enter the postseason, but only one will have the right to hoist the Larry O’Brien Trophy. The 2013 NBA Playoffs will get underway on Saturday, April 20th. The last possible date for Game Seven of the 2013 NBA Finals would be Thursday, June 20th. You can follow the action with an NBA playoff bracket. These brackets are perfect for those looking to set up an office pool, or for fans who want to who their team could wind up playing in the next round and beyond.

2013 NBA Playoffs: History

The NBA expanded the playoff field to the current 16-team field in 1984. From 1977-84, the top two seeds in each conference earned a first-round bye. Under the new format, byes were eliminated and all teams played in the opening round.

In ’84, the first round was a best-of-five series. The NBA later changed this to a best-of-seven series in 2003, meaning all rounds of the playoffs are now seven-game sets. Each team would have to win three playoff series before earning the right to advance to the best-of-seven NBA Finals. In the championship series, the team with the best record will host the first two games before the set shifts for the next three games. If Games 6 and 7 are necessary, they would be played back at the home of the higher seeded team.

screenshot of the 2013 NBA Playoffs bracket

Entering the 2013 NBA Playoffs, no team has more championships than the Boston Celtics. The C’s have captured 17 titles during their storied history. While their last title came in 2008, their last of four losses in the Finals came in 2010. That loss was to the Los Angeles Lakers, who have captured the NBA’s ultimate prize 16 times. The Lakers, who won five of their championships while playing in Minneapolis, have also lost in the Finals 15 times.

Third on the all-time list in the Chicago Bulls. Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and head coach Phil Jackson led the Bulls to six titles during the 1990s. Jackson has won 11 championships as coach of the Bulls and Lakers. Legendary Celtics head coach Red Auerbach won nine championships.

LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat enter the 2013 NBA Playoffs looking to defend their title. James and the Heat beat Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2012. With the series win, James and the Heat avenged losing to the Dallas Mavericks in the 2011 Finals.

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NBA Playoffs Bracket

NBA playoffs bracket pools are becoming increasingly popular. While they will never rival the popularity of “March Madness,” NBA playoff pools provide basketball lovers with another way to follow the action. Setting up and running a pool is easy with a free printable NBA playoffs bracket sheet. These sheets are simple to use and make it so you won’t miss any of the postseason action!

Note: The information published on this page is for entertainment purposes only.

The History of NBA Playoffs Bracket

The National Basketball Association (NBA) was originally known as the BAA until the league merged with the NBL in 1949. In the first season of the BAA playoffs in 1947, a three-stage, six-team tournament took place. The Philadelphia Warriors outlasted the Chicago Stags in a seven-game series to win the title. The playoff format changed several times and teams were added and taken away during the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

The current playoff system in the NBA was put in place in 2006. A total of eight teams from each conferencnba playoffs bracket template e claim a spot in the postseason. The conference tournaments consist of three best-of-seven rounds. The winner of each conference championship series earns a spot in the NBA Finals. The championship series is also a best-of-seven set, and the winner earns the right to hoist the Larry O’Brien trophy at the conclusion of the series.

Running an NBA Playoffs Bracket Pool

An NBA playoffs bracket pool or contest can be set up much like a March Madness pool. There are clearly far fewer teams in the field, but a weighted system can still be used to award more points for correct picks in later rounds.

The NBA playoffs and NCAA men’s college basketball tournament are difficult to compare, but the professional postseason can definitely be more enjoyable by starting an NBA playoffs bracket contest or pool in the home or office.


NBA Score Sheet

nba score sheet printable Ever since James Naismith invented the game of basketball in 1891, players and fans have been keeping track of the stats using the tried and true method of keeping score. The National Basketball Association was founded in June of 1946. Fans have been following the game using a NBA score sheet for the 65 years since.

You can just take one look at an NBA score sheet from any game in history and get a feel for how that game played out. It’s not as popular as a Major League Baseball score sheet and it’s not as commonly reviewed as a National Football League box score, but to basketball fans there is nothing better than sitting down and going over a NBA score sheet.

History of the NBA Score Sheet

You can take a trip back in time and visualize how a game went down. You can be a part of a game that you weren’t even old enough to see.  For example, take a look at the NBA score sheet from a game that took place in Hershey, Pennsylvania on March the 2nd 1962. The Philadelphia Warriors lined up to play the New York Knicks. The starting lineup for the Warriors that day was Paul Arizin, Tom Meschery, Guy Rogers, Al Attles and a Hall of Fame center who went by the name Wilt Chamberlain.

In this historic game, the Knicks had two players score over 30 points. Cleveland Buckner, Willie Nauls and Richie Guerin led the Knicks to a very high score of 147 total points. However, this wasn’t the big story of the game. For the Philadelphia Warriors, Wilt “The Stilt” Chamberlain would set history by scoring exactly 100 points on the night. That is in the record book and will remain there forever. If you take one look at the NBA score sheet from that game then you will that his teammates helped out. Rogers, Arizin, Attles and Meschery dished out assists and pulled down rebounds to help Wilt make history.

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Basketball Tournament Brackets

printable basketball tournament bracketsEvery March, the basketball tournament brackets show up. They appear everywhere. You’ll find that basketball tournament pools take place in every office, sports bar, family gathering, school, locker room, man cave and nursing home. People who don’t even turn the TV to a basketball game try to win big by predicting the college basketball tournaments. They catch a bad case of March Madness and try to fill out the perfect basketball tournament brackets.

History of Basketball Tournament Brackets

The basketball tournament brackets for the annual NCAA tournament have changed over the years. In 2001, the NCAA added a play-in game for two teams that were considered the weakest of the field. This added an extra team to the normal field of 64. In 2011, more teams were added to the basketball tournament brackets. This rarely affects someone filling out their bracket, as these teams enter as the #16 seeded team and they have to play one of the four #1 seeds. History plays against these teams. No 16th seeded team has every beaten a #1 seeded team in the history of the NCAA tournament.

In your standard basketball pool, most points are earned in the selection of the final 16 teams. There is always a few upsets and underdog stories that highlight the news wire during these rounds. If your goal is to win a tournament pool, you’ll need to know who is going to be in the running on the final weekend. Almost everyone who has a chance to win a pool with their basketball tournament brackets has picked two or three of the final four teams.

When picking your final basketball tournament picks keep in mind the experience level of the teams and coaches. In most cases, the surprise teams that make the final group of 16 teams have either one stand out superstar player or are a group of seniors that have played together for some time.

NBA Basketball Tournament Brackets

Basketball tournament brackets aren’t just reserved for March Madness as the NBA also uses a bracket system. A total of 16 teams qualify for the NBA playoffs, with eight teams securing a spot from each conference. There are three best-of-seven series in each conference before the best-of-seven NBA Finals begins. Pools using NBA basketball tournament brackets are not as popular as March Madness, but more and more of them pop up each year.

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NBA Tournament Bracket

The NBA tournament bracket is one of the highlights of the sporting year in the United States. Each year, the 16 teams with the best record compiled over the course of an 82-game regular season compete against each other in a tournament to determine the NBA’s champion.

How the NBA tournament bracket works

The NBA tournament is a 16-team bracket comprised of the teams that won the most games through the course of the season. Teams are separated into two sections based on which conference they play in. They are seeded from #1 to #8, with the number-one team being the team with the most victories. The top team plays the lowest seeded team, the second seeded team faces the seventh seeded team, etc.printable nba tournament bracket

Format of the NBA tournament bracket

The first round of the NBA tournament bracket sees the teams play each other in a best-of-seven series; in other words, the first team to win four games wins the series. The first two games are played on the home court of the team with the better regular season record. The third and fourth games are played at the home court of the team with the inferior record.

All playoff series employ the best-of-seven format. There are plenty of times the team with the superior record is upset; these are the moments, known in the sports world as “Cinderella stories”, that often fuel fans’ interest in the multitude of games that take place and often play out over a course of nearly two months.

The NBA tournament bracket is the highlight, the culmination, of the entire NBA season.

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NBA Finals Bracket

printable nba finals bracketIt’s not common for a college sport to be the one that is a trendsetter compared with its professional counterpart. In the sport of basketball though, college basketball frequently draws a larger gambling interest during the winter, especially thanks to March Madness. Pro basketball fans didn’t want to miss out on the fun, so during the NBA playoffs, they have created NBA Finals bracket contests. These are more similar in structure to NFL bracket contests than college basketball due to the number of teams involved.

Entering an NBA Finals Bracket Contest

Typically when entering a NBA Finals bracket contest, you will have to pick the winners of each round of the playoffs. The Eastern and Western Conferences each have eight teams that qualify for the playoffs. This means there will be three rounds in an NBA Finals bracket contest before having to pick the NBA champion. When filling out a bracket for a NBA Finals bracket, each contestant will have to pick the winner of 15 playoff competitions. Most bracket contests require a tie breaker just in case multiple entries tie for first. Typically this is predicting how many games the championship series will last, and possibly the total points scored in the last game of the Finals.

Scoring a NBA Finals bracket contest is not nearly as complicated as some of the scoring systems used in the college equivalent of this bracket contest. Typically the winners picked in the first round are worth one point, winners in the second round worth two points, third round worth three and finals worth four. Some bracket contests will multiply those points by two or four to put a stronger emphasis on picking the winners in the last round. Whatever bracket contest that you enter for the NBA, the key is to avoid your finalists being knocked out early.

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