The free NHL 2019 Playoffs Template gives all the hockey action you need for the season on one simple page. You can use this free template to keep track of the teams in real time and as they play, you will advance them in that familiar style you’re used to, using the bracket system. Unlike most other templates, this document cuts out all the unnecessary features, to get to the heart of the matter, which is the games and scores themselves. If you’re ready to finally start following hockey, the right way, then you need to download this free template today. To learn how to download and use the template, just follow the guide we have provided for you below.

Using the NHL 2019 Playoffs Template

As always, you will need to download the free template file to your computer by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.

The next step will be to either print the document and enter the items by hand or enter the team names in electronically.

Now, take the time to see the general layout of the template as well. You will see the sections for the first and second rounds from left to right. This is how you will enter teams as they progress through the rounds, dropping off the losing teams along the way.

Be sure to enter the teams of the eastern and western sides of the world in the right and left halves of the template, as they are the ones who will usually face off first.
As you make your way to the middle of the section, just advance the team that one to the proceeding set of rounds until only two are left.

The champion team will go in the championship cell of the template.

If you want to print the document for your needs, just click the “File” tab above and enter the “print” option.